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Federal Contracting

Powell Industries, Inc. offers Quick Guides and Programs for businesses that are interested in pursuing Federal Procurement Contracting and Federal Programs to help you grow your business.

1. Federal Government Contracting Guide (PowerPoint Presentation)

Our quick guide to guide you through the Small Business Administration’s federal government procurement process. $1500.00

2. SBIR Program (PowerPoint Presentation)

The United States Congress created the SBIR program in 1982 and the STTR program in 1992. These programs congressionally require eligible governmental agencies to set aside a percentage of their extramural budget so that domestic small businesses can engage in R&D that has a strong potential for technology commercialization.

Our quick guide guides you through the SBIR Program PowerPoint presentation highlights opportunities to grow your business. $750.00

3. SAM Registration Consultation (PowerPoint Presentation)

Quick Guide PowerPoint Presentation (QGPP) will assist you how to position your company to do business with the United States Federal Government $500.00

4. Healthcare Linen Laundry Departmental Policy and Procedure Program

This is a Comprehensive Linen Laundry Services Manual Program (LLSMP), outlines standard policies and procedures to enhance the delivery of the highest quality patient care possible by providing clean, germ-free and an aesthetically pleasing linens laundry items in support of the delivery of quality patient care for your acute care or long-term care healthcare facility.

For more information regarding these programs or to schedule a consultation please contact us at powellindi@aol.com or powellindifjp@aol.com for a quote

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Subcontractors are selected for their high-quality workmanship and reliability. Each subcontractor at Powell Industries, Inc. exhibits the utmost professionalism at all times and provides superior customer service. We retain only those vendors who provide responsive and timely quality service.

For more information about our subcontracting opportunities, send us your capability statement via e-mail at powellindi@aol.com.

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