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Housekeeping Management

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Housekeeping in healthcare is regulated and measured more than in any other industry. You may have standard operating procedures that are distinctive to your system, but the fundamentals of your housekeeping/environmental services program were put in place to clean for health and safety. They are based on standard industry protocol and sanitation procedures. Powell Industries can help you benchmark each area of your program to identify improvement opportunities. Our benchmarking process includes cleaning quality; cleaning production rates; task and frequency work loading; net cleanable square footage; and cost per square foot metrics. Our customized programs can help you identify cost savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Our professionals have multiple years of experience and are keenly aware of the factors that make your programs vibrant and customer care focused. FTE evaluations are one way to determine whether you are staffed appropriately in order to provide desired outcomes. A housekeeping quality assessment and analysis can measure your effectiveness against other healthcare facilities in your market segment. Additionally, we can review your patient transportation, solid waste, infectious waste and grounds care programs.

Our programs are successful in reducing regulated medical waste disposal cost by utilizing new waste disposal technologies and training. We can redesign current departmental operation models to effectively support and assist inpatient and outpatient nursing departments assisting in preparing for JACHO inspections to use as standard operating procedures. To learn more e-mail us at powellindi@aol.com


A Green Environment

Powell Industries Inc. can assist your facility in developing a Green Housekeeping Program (GHP). This program is intended to reduce or eliminate the use of cleaning practices and products that adversely affect air quality, health, building finishes and systems, and the environment. A Green Housekeeping Plan represents the owner’s commitment to provide a safer, healthier environment free from hazardous chemicals. The goal of this plan is to remove the maximum amount of pollutants from the building while minimizing the impacts of cleaning on human and environmental health. We work closely with the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council, “LEED for Existing Buildings. The Green Seal’s Product Certification standards, contact us to learn more.

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