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Linen Management

With over 25 years of experience in the linen laundry sector Powell Industries, Inc. provides experienced consultants that will assess your laundry requirements. From policies and procedures to improving or outsourcing your current operations, Powell Industries, Inc. can conduct an assessment of your facility operation which depicts internal and external resolutions. We gather information about your current linen management program, and we work to optimize the process in a way that is most beneficial to you. Our assessment is based on your needs, usage, and facility requirements.

Our innovative approach to linen and laundry management operations has created a new awareness of total containment for all its clients. Our consultants are specialists at identifying effective solutions for the most perplexing linen/laundry distribution systems across the country. Our cost reduction converges on monitoring and reducing costs by exploring new methods, efficiencies and technology that exceed our customers’ expectations. If in search of a laundry provider or interested in building a laundry facility, Powell Industries, Inc. can deliver positive cost-effective outcomes.

Healthcare Linen Laundry Departmental Policy and Procedure Program

This is a Comprehensive Linen Laundry Policy & Procedures Manual Program (LLPPM), outlines standard policies and procedures to enhance the delivery of the highest quality patient care possible by providing clean, germ-free and an aesthetically pleasing linens laundry items in support of the delivery of quality patient care for your acute care or long-term care healthcare facility.

For information regarding this program or to schedule a consultation please contact us by e-mail at powellindi@aol.com to request a quote.

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To establish a business partnership while implementing effective comprehensive in-facility Laundry Management Solutions for healthcare, hospitality, federal government facilities and industrial laundry operations.

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