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Wealth Through Federal Government Contracting

Wealth Through Federal Government Contracting

At Powell Industries Inc., we understand the importance of positioning yourself for success in federal government contracting. Government contracting is and can be a super lucrative way to grow your business. A clear vision and a commonsense strategy make a difference in whether you want a successful business or a successful empire, I choose the latter. I hope my first of many blogs opens the minds of struggling businesses who seek wealth to know your history, that many super wealthy companies got there through government contracting. This takes focus, hard work, dedication and above all patience. No matter how many times I ask myself if I’m committed enough or work hard enough toward the success of my company the answer is always no. So each day I work harder. So the question for you is, are you?

I’m excited to know your thoughts, opinions, etc. regarding the Facilities Management Industry specifically for minority small businesses. The challenges are many but, I feel I will be able to offer some insight on the new age of e-procurement in government contracting.

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